Job Search Questions

What is a Taleo password?

And why your old login doesn’t work

You’re applying to a job that’s asking you to sign in first when you recognize the same familiar website, Taleo. You’ve applied to a job on this site before, your old login should work right? The next thing you know you’ve been hit with an invalid username/password. What’s going on here? You could’ve sworn this was the right password and email.

How Taleo Works

Unfortunately, this is an all-too common issue with job seekers when it comes to Taleo. It’s a complicated situation, but you didn’t actually forget your login, it simply doesn’t exist for this company’s job board. Taleo job applications require you to make a new account for every new company job board that you are applying on.

Why make you go through the pain of making new accounts for every new company you apply to? It’s because Taleo is a ATS platform, or applicant tracking system. Companies purchase Taleo software in order to manage and collect job applicants and their data. Due to privacy concerns of individual companies, all of their data is siloed away from other companies’ on the platform. This includes your email and password for each company you’ve applied to. A Taleo password is unique for each company you apply to. That means you can’t reuse the same login even if another company uses Taleo.

So the next time you see a job application hosted on Taleo, know that it’s not you forgetting your password, it’s an intentional and unfortunately frustrating feature built in for corporate privacy reasons.

Why isn’t the password I choose valid?

On top of making you create a new password for every new job board you apply on, Taleo has some of the most stringent password requirements during the account creation process. Here’s a laundry list of the most common password requirements the system has to save you some time (so you don’t have to trial and error all day).

  • It must contain between 7 and 50 characters. Use only characters from the following set: ! # $ % & ( ) * + , – . / 0123456789 : ; < = > ? @ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ [ \ ] _ ` abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz { | } ~
  • It must contain at least 1 numeric character(s) (0123456789).
  • Your password must not contain more than 2 identical consecutive characters (AAA, iiii, $$$$$ …).
  • It must not contain your user name.
  • It must not contain your email address.
  • Your password must not contain your first name.
  • Your password must not contain your last name.
Getting around having to make new Taleo accounts

Can’t be bothered to deal with making a new account for every new job and company you apply to? We’ve got you covered. Kumquat autofills account registration pages for Taleo and Workday applications so you’ll never have to go through the chore of typing in the same login again. Get it today and start automating your job search.