Applying Made Easy

Say goodbye to manually filling out job applications. Kumquat autofills all the tedious job apps that parse your resume wrong and make you reenter your information all over again.

Why Kumquat?

  • Save Countless Hours

    Sometimes less is more. Autofill 15 minute applications in 1 minute.

  • Privacy-oriented

    Keep your personal information personal. All data stored locally on your device.

  • Hassle-free

    Autologin and autoregister for pesky job board accounts. Plus you get to see lots of kumquats, what's not to love?

What People Are Saying

"Easy to use, no bs, please do yourself a favor and download it."
- Amy Z.

"Makes recruiting for jobs so much easier! I'm able to quickly apply to jobs without the hassle of filling out so much information."
- Aneesha K.

"if it works for harden itll work for me"
- Peter W.

What are you waiting for?

Don't procrastinate on installing. Get it today, autofill whenever.
Kumquat automatically reminds you whenever an application is eligible.